Keo hold a JOC (Job Order Contract) with FAA and the work performed includes:

Site Improvements, Road work, HVAC replacement, Space beautification, boiler upgrades, Painting, Abatement, Flooring, Roofing and Specialty work.

Locations: MI,NK,TN,KY,AL,MS,NM

List of FAA Projects:

  • Memphis, TN ATC Center, Entrance Renovation.       
  • Memphis, TN ATC Center, Replace AHU 510,515 & 520.
  • Joelto, TN QOJ- ARSR, HVAC Replacement.
  • Owensboro KY- OWB/ ATCT, Waterproofing/ Roofing and Siding.
  • Cincinatti- COV KY- ATCT, Exterior Joint Sealant.
  • Crossville, TN,  Electronic IT Building, Replacement Roof.
  • MEM ATC Center, Sink Hole, Emergency Work.
  • Mobile AL, Air Traffic Control Tower, Exterior Paint and Joint Sealant.
  • Colombus MS, Culvert Replacement at VOR.
  • MEM TN, ATCT, Replacement of Chiller Pumps.
  • Cincinatti Airport, Refurbish Road.
  • HCH, TN VOR, Access Road Repair.
  • Finley, OH VOR, Fence and HVAC Replacement.
  • HCH, TN, Centerpoise Drainage Repair.
  • Meridian, MS, Shelter Removal, Refurbish.
  • Citronelle, AL, ARSR HVAC Replacement & Improvements.
  • HARTFORD, TN SOT VOR, Road Repair.
  • Memphis, TN, ATC Center, Water Filtration.
  • Lexigton, KY, ATCT Base Building, Boiler Replacement.
  • Memphis, TN, ATC Center, Sump Pump Replacement.
  • Mystic, KY, VOR, Building and Road Repair.
  • Louisville, KY, ATCT, Chiller Pump Replacement.
  • Padudah, KY, ATCT Upgrades.
  • Nashville, TN, ATCT, Air Hadler Unit Replacement.
  • Elizathown, KY, ADR Locator, Reconstruction Platform & Stain.
  • Memphis, TN, ATCT cab Window Washing System.
  • Louisville TN, Bowman Tower Siding Installation.
  • Knoxville, TN, ATCT Power Relocation.
  • Nashville, TN, Roof Replacement.
  • Birmingham, AL, ATCT Base Building Airport, Roof Replacement.
  • Joelton, TN, ARSR Fence Replacement.
  • Nashville, TN, ATCT Base Building, RTU 1, Replacement.
  • Bismark, ND, ARSR Replace HVAC Replacement.
  • Citronelle, AL, ARSR Building Repairs
  • Louisville, KY, Bowman Airfield, Tower Painting. 
  • Meridian, MS, ATCT, Beautification.
  • Nashville, TN, ATCT, Base Building, Compressor Replacement.
  • Knoxville, TN, ATCT Bathrooms Renovation.
  • Tenesse VOR'S Road Maintenance.
  • Chattanogga, TN, Solar Wall Replacement.
  • Cincinatti, OH, ATCT Base Building, Carpet Replacement.
  • Memphis TN, ATC Child Center, Millwork


True Professionals
Keo & Associates gave us the amazing transformation we needed to get to the next level. From concept to completion, they were true professionals. Greg N., Sports Unlimited