Happy International Women's day!

Strength of a woman!

Sometimes giving the world the brightest of smiles, while trapping a salty ocean, just beneath your eyelid.

Having to do twice as much in some climes, just to prove that you can.

Soaring high to reach your dreams with the wings of freedom in one clime and struggling beneath the heavy weight of man-made limitations in another clime, just for being you.


You always come up strong, standing up for yourself and stronger, standing up for others, and we can’t but agree

Resilience is a woman!

At KEO, we know this, women have been and still are, a crucial part of who we are.  Today and always, we celebrate our women at ‘KEO’ and every woman out there.

Happy International women’s day,

From all of us at KEO.

Happy Birthday to KEO's President

  Happy Birthday to KEO’s President, Mr. Chris Onwuzurike. You have been so inspiring to us at KEO.   Your discipline, ethics, courage and approach to work has impacted positively on  a lot of us. You are a great...

Happy Birthday, Karl Nurmi!

Look whose special day it is today.  Karl Nurmi! On this special day, we wish you great joy . We can not over-emphasize the positive impact of your  dedication, competence and selflessness on the team and KEO.  Thank...
True Professionals
Keo & Associates gave us the amazing transformation we needed to get to the next level. From concept to completion, they were true professionals. Greg N., Sports Unlimited